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From 2009 until 2018 we had an active theatre group and produced some wonderful shows.
lack of time and unpredictable weather caused us to finish but we use these pages to remember the good times!

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Outdoor theatre productions vary, in some the stage is covered, and the audience are "outside", in others the audience are under cover but the stage is open. In many, such as our productions, both the stage and the audience are outside. The production will continue except in the most extremes of heavy rain, when the show will "pause" until the weather calms. Useful Information

The gates to the courtyard, and the licensed bar at Ingestre Stables will open at 6.30pm each evening.
Patrons are welcome to arrive any time after that, and "pick their spot" It is quite all right to bring picnics along too.
Patrons need to bring either low backed chairs or blankets to sit on.
People sitting on blankets should locate close to the stage area in order to get good sighting of the performance.
Wet weather gear is advisable unless we are having a guaranteed heatwave!
Remember that umbrellas will restrict the viewing of those people behind you and cause complaint! We advise hats and waterproof coats, with blankets over legs for the optimum comfort should it not be dry!

Some patrons may wish to bring a gazebo. These will be restricted to the outer edges of the courtyard in order to not restrict other peoples view of the performance.
Please be advised that only free standing gazebos are allowed, as the yard is all hard standing and therefore cannot accommodate tent pegs.
There are toilets, including facilities for those with limited mobility on site.
Car parking will be in the walled garden opposite the stables.
The performance includes an interval of approx. 20 mins.
The bar will be open from 6.30pm before the performance and during the interval.

Tim and Rob with Theatre Ingestre members presenting a cheque to MacMillan Nurses.

Theatre Ingestre is proud to support Macmillan Cancer Support.

Macmillan Cancer Support