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We offer flexibility in our training, in cost, hours per week and length of course, and work hard to meet the needs of the individual.



Stage 1 & 2

Stage 3 Coach

Stage 4 Coach

Performance Coach

15 hours per week 





20 hours per week 





3 months (15 hours per week) 





Intensive students must have exam dates booked prior to starting training.  Intensive training is a combination of group and private tuition.

FULL TIME (non intensive) TRAINING (Up to BHSII) 
Fees Charged   
Short term       £175 per week
3 months         £1,500.00 paid in advance or £130 per week on direct debit
6 months         £2,560 paid in advance or £115 per week on direct debit
12 months       £4,175 paid in advance or £95 per week on direct debit
(All student contract lengths are subject to an assessment with senior trainer.)

Non intensive Students  up to BHSII receive 10 hours training per week and do approximately 30 hours supervised skills practice on the yard per week.
Skills practice is a vital part of preparation for work within the equine industry. We receive many requests from employers for graduates from our student training programmes, as we have a world renowned reputation for producing competent employable staff.
The student week is Tuesday to Friday plus 1 week end day

We offer 4 places for  assisted students to prepare for BHS Stage 2 and 4 places to train for BHSAI. (Students who enroll to do stage 1 & 2 are guarenteed an assisted place to continue to BHSAI.)
Assisted Students training fees and accommodation are paid via a bursary grant and therefore are free of charge to the student.
Assisted students receive 8 hours training per week (10 if not living in) and complete 32 hours of supervised skills practice.
Once Students gain their PTT Certificate there is opportunity to be paid commission on all commercial lessons that they teach.
There is also opportunity from time to time for paid employment doing evening yard duties.

We offer 3 part time employed student places, for Junior Instructors preparing for BHSII.
Employed students receive 8 hours training per week, and complete 20 - 25 hours supervised skills practice, depending on their teaching hours. Employed students are paid commision on all commercial coaching that they undertake within the centre. They are employed on a part time basis to work in the riding school during evenings and weekends. Employed Students are offered free accommodation.

Full board £180 per week single room £50 per night
Accommodation is in our student flats, Flats are cleaned 4 times per week, and are heated.  We do not allow pets or “other halves” to reside in the student flats.

All long term student places are only available subject to a ridden assessment.
Potential regular students may attend a “taster week” or have a private assessment.
Taster weeks start on Tuesday morning and finish on Saturday evening. Cost £120 per week + Board
Private assessments are 2 hour session with senior coach. Cost £75
Taster weeks and private assessments may be offered free of charge to potential students who can demonstrate extensive prior experience via their C.V.

Potential Students must apply with a CV to the office at Ingestre.  Suitable applicants with sufficient previous experience may be accepted without assessment, or offered a free assessment/taster week.