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Regular Private Lessons.
Private lessons can be arranged with any of our coaches, depending on the level you wish to work at. All of our COACHES are happy to work with all riders.

Joining in with Group lessons.
Joining a GROUP RIDE often suits people who need to budget carefully, as well as being an economical option, it is a great way of preparing young horses for the collecting ring, or for re-establishing confidence in a horse with collecting ring issues.

Intensive courses.
Riders living too far away from Ingestre are welcome to come and stay for a few days of intensive training. Some come along and stay in their lorry, others use local B&B, some come for two days, some two weeks, and make it into a holiday! We are happy to do as much or as little as you wish, and are happy to have individuals or for a few friends to come together. CONTACT US with your requirements and we will do our best to accomodate you

Clinics at your home or yard.
Our Senior coaches conduct regular clincs, both in Staffordshire and the surrounding counties, as well as in many other parts of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Please CONTACT US to see if there are clinics in your area, or if you would like to organise your own clinic.

Who do we Train?
Our coaches work with many different competing riders,of all ages, from people in their first season through to people preparing for international competitions. We work across all of the Olympic disciplines, and also help showing and endurance riders.

How do we Train?
We work always for the long term ethical development of the equine athlete. We are not into "quick fixes", and always work to develop the riders understanding of their task, and to enable them to take "ownership" of their progression. See more about our Training philosophy here.