The British Horse Society (BHS) is one of the largest equine welfare charities in the world.

Unlike many equine charities who work reactively to cases of neglect and cruelty, the BHS works primarily proactively to improve horse welfare through its highly respected system of education and assessment. The BHS is the largest organisation in the world that runs an approval scheme for riding establishments and livery yards.

The BHS runs a clear system of qualifications for Riding Instructors, these qualifications are world renown, and are the standards against which all other Riding Instructor qualifications are measured.

Approval of Riding Schools by the BHS is based on good horse welfare, high quality coaching, safe working practices, and safe facilities.

To become approved by the BHS costs a riding school less than £5 per week, therefore members of the public should be cautious of any school that is not approved.

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