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We strive to educate riders in order that they may ethically, safely and efficiently train and care for horses and enable the equines in their care to work in a confident, willing and successful way. We support the view that in bolting the stable door, thus depriving the horse of his natural lifestyle, we take on the total responsibility for his wellbeing, both in his care and in the way that we choose to put him to task.

The stable yard at Ingestre was purpose built in 1886 by the then Earl of Shrewsbury, to house carriage horses and polo ponies. The large coach house built within the courtyard was to house the great collection of horse drawn vehicles, most of which are now resident in the museum at Shugborough, the neighbouring estate.
Through the last century, the stable yard has had a varied use, from its Ingestreoriginal housing of horses, to being used as tea rooms, a farmyard, and spending some time almost derelict, it is now back almost to the original use, but houses training and competition horses instead of carriage horses. Recent developments have seen the east wing of the stables commence conversion to Holiday homes, which are now available for clients. Further stables have been built in the Coach House to house competition horses. Ingestre Stables in now firmly established as one of the leading equestrian establishments in the UK and attracts students from all over the world.

The stable yard at Ingestre provides top quality accommodation for horses, and the large internal stabling halls lend themselves ideally for ease of learning practical stabling management.
Our riding facilities include an indoor arena with viewing gallery, an outdoor international dressage arena, an outdoor training area with large woodfibre surface, and a variety of cross country training fences and an show jump paddock with a full set of showjumps, as well as a selection of showjump training equipment. We are located a short distance from Cannock chase, which provides some 26 square miles of open training ground, having hills, water, and forestry as well as plenty of open grassland.
Students at Ingestre are well provided for, we have excellent lecture facilities, backed up by a well equipped office, and we maintain a good range of training equipment and visual aids.
Student accommodation is available within the stable yard complex, and the centre is within easy reach of local bed and breakfast or hotel facilities. Located just ten minutes from the county Town of Stafford, we are in easy reach of the M6 motorway, and have a British Rail mainline station in the town centre.

Being firm believers in "horses for courses," we keep a great variety of horses at Ingestre. All of our horses are individuals, and all are actively encouraged to develop in their own discipline. There are horses registered to compete in affiliated competitions, and many more competing on a regular basis at a local level. Apart from student training horses and competition horses, we also keep a variety of young horses, and a small breeding stock. As an examination centre for the British Horse Society, we regularly produce horses to the required standard for all examinations up to and including the F.B.H.S.

Staff and students from the centre compete in all disciplines, although dressage and horse trials feature fairly high in our priorities.
Our senior staff are available for lessons at Ingestre and are also in much demand to take training clinics throughout the world.
With regard to our own achievements, we continually aim to improve, to increase our accreditation in the eyes of the world, and to stay up to date with modern thinking. All of our teaching staff hold B.H.S. qualifications, and are involved in running BHS assessments within the centre. Tim and Rob are both BHS Chief Assessors and regularly assess students for the BHS both in the UK and abroard.

On the basis that the fundamental training of the horse is for the systematic development of both its muscles and its understanding, we believe that all training should be ongoing, and that every rider on a horse should have a moral commitment to the maintenance of that horse's state of training.
We believe that there is a clear difference between active and passive riding, and that any rider intent on riding actively should do so to the Tim Downesenhancement of the horse, and never to its detriment.
We support the view that in bolting the stable door, thus depriving the horse of its natural life style, we take on the total responsibility for his well being, both in his care and in the way that we choose to put him to task. Our training philosophy is based on the scales of training. See S.O.T. for more details.

We offer all aspects of training for both horse and rider, from the very first lesson through to examination or competition preparation. We hold regular training sessions for all levels of rider both in groups and on a one-to-one basis, although our policy is not to teach complete novice riders in a group situation. Short courses, working towards a specific aim, are held throughout the year at Ingestre, and occasionally we host "clinics" for visiting trainers from home and abroad. Training sessions specifically for career students and examination candidates are held daily at the centre, as are weekly teacher training days. We can prepare candidates for all equestrian tests and exams nationwide. Apart from our specific courses and training sessions, we are happy to provide tailored courses to suit the individual. We accept horses for breaking and training throughout the year. Horses can be prepared for sale, or for competition either for owner riders or ridden by a member of the Ingestre Team. We travel to competitions all over the UK, competing in all disciplines.

Our Coffee Shop is open daily from Tuesday to Friday for Snacks, Drinks, and Meals