We offer training days towards the BHS Fellowship examination

These days are aimed at coaches who may have the Fellowship as a long term goal.

Commitment to eventually taking the Fellowship is not critical to attending.

Delegates must hold the BHSI, but not necessarily fulfil the criteria for entry into the Fellowship, according to the syllabus.

The days are aimed at helping coaches to work towards achieving the entry criteria, and to further develop skills and knowledge beyond the BHSI

All days will be a mix of riding, coaching and theory and will run from 9.30am to 4.00pm.  We will be happy to include specific topics as required.

Days will run minimum 4 delegates, maximum 8.
£150 per day.   (Subject to review 1st May 2018)
MEMBERS OF THE F & I Association £120 per day
Due to poor uptake in 2017 we will only schedule a small number of these days in 2018. Further dates can be arranged if there is sufficient interest.

DATES FOR 2018 (These dates can count as CPD for the APC Register)
FRIDAY 18th MAY & Wednesday 26th SEPTEMBER

To book please contact the office at Ingestre or e mail Tim Downes